Cheaters, Frauds and Survey Bots

Sadly, bad quality responses do enter our Surveys. Be it boredom, or loss of interest, or straight out “I’m only doing this to get a couple of bucks”, it does happen. On top of that, there are malicious automated bots which will randomly answer the questions, again, purely for a small financial gain. It is


SampleCon 2024, Atlanta

SampleCon’s cornerstone live U.S. event held during March 11-13, 2024 at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Gathering, sharing, and debating perspectives on industry challenges, trends and successes in our renowned collaborative environment. SampleCon provides the opportunity for global leaders across our industry to have transparent exchanges of information and ideas that


IIEx 2024, Bangkok

IIEX APAC 2024 is the premier event for forward-thinking professionals in the Asia Pacific insights community. This is where tech pioneers, brand strategists, and those seeking to advance their careers and businesses in market research, analytics, and insights gather. IIEX APAC offers a unique platform to dive into innovative concepts, participate in engaging discussions, and experience


What is an ‘Open Ended’ question?

An Open Ended question is when you are given space to write your own thoughts about something, or to further clarify one of your responses. These responses are often used to better understand trends or to zoom into particular problems. For example, a large proportion of the people praised or complained about the exact same


We pay Interest on your Points!

No other online panel in the world (as far as we know) pays interest on the points you have in your account. That’s right… WE DO! On the last day of each Quarter you will automatically receive 1% of your points. Fine Print : The interest will automatically be added to your account provided you have


What happens to my survey responses?

The whole idea of this type of research is to produce enough responses so that the Client can analyse the data in a number of different ways. All responses are sorted into subgroups, for example by Gender, Age, Race, Education, Income and so forth. The aim here is to identify the most preferred subgroup –

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